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Company Profile / Why Us?

Today the purchasing professional has a plethora of possible alternatives to navigate through in search of excellence. The best course of action, in the face of cost pressures on everyone of us these days, is sometimes hidden amongst offers of low price.

We are a competitive thriving organization who realize that the true cost of a program has to include the initial price offering, a proven record of price stability, on time deliveries (with no shortfalls in quality) and an expeditious, courteous operations team who treat you like family when something does go wrong.

So, why select us as your supplier of urethane goods? Clearly because we practice what we preach in terms of insisting on QC in absolutely everything we do.

  • The 'Q' (of our QC) is Quality , and while this term is unfortunately loosely overused today it has not lost its significance with us.

    At Multirim our quality begins with our people. We screen all new candidates carefully to take only the very best our market has to offer. Promoting from within is a practice we've followed since day one. We offer training both in and outside the company to increase the knowledge and skill level of our employees.
  • The 'C' (of our QC) is Commitment, and that is more than just being on time with a promised delivery date. It rather embodies being on time, on promise and on tract with virtually every facet of communication between our customer and ourselves.

Then, if delivery is the issue, to us it interprets as being on time to the promised date with 100% quality produced parts so that you, the customer, can rely on your lowered stocking levels today to meet your production needs without surprises.

We are equally committed from the outset when we are contacted to work on a new project. Our ability to offer you a 100% design build includes the guarantee that the production tooling will perform as intended and carry a full maintenance warranty so the tooling continues to perform making quality parts for its natural life.