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Company Profile / Engineered approach

Smart products are derived from smart tooling approaches. As a result driven products solutions company we pride ourselves in making our customers successful.

Our products reflect a close understanding of our customers capability first in order to proceed with our engineered product, or tooling, that could actually solve a problem or capture an opportunity. Potential savings cannot be overlooked, and the best time to lock in a savings can often be at the product development stage.

At Multirim, we are eager to meet with our customers on new projects while they are still in the styling stages in order to contribute to the development of the best case scenario for the manufacturing process from urethane part to finished product. And, we are just as comfortable working to develop a prototype mark-up from the back of an envelope to a final CNC drawing if that is your normal methodology.

The prototyping stage, if so desired, can be done entirely within Multirim at a minimum of time and cost, prior to committing to hard tooling.

Lastly, but certainly not least, our engineered approach includes the commitment that the project will meet budget constraints. We provide, with all projects big and small, a full follow-up after the first off sample stage to ensure the desired results were achieved to everyone's expectations.