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Company Profile / History

Founded in 1988 and occupied a mere 800 square feet of space. Using one reconditioned low pressure pouring machine product range consisted of 3 sizes of a simple task chair in cal 117 high resilient moulded foam.

Today Multirim comprises nearly 50000 square feet of manufacturing space centrally located in the Toronto corridor. We are ideally situated a easy access points to major trucking routes while only 10 miles east of the international airport.

To meet the growing demands of our customers Multirim has developed into a full service supplier. Rigid, flexible and integral skin urethane chemistries are processed into products for the contract seating, healthcare and recreational markets.

Although a greater number of companies dispense urethane chemistry today Multirim stands ahead of the crowd by listening and working closely with the customer to achieve and maintain a consistent high quality.

- Developed a high resilient moulded chemistry to facilitate the passing of the rigorous CAL 133 fire test.
- Expanded to 3,000 square feet.
- Added one (vintage rebuilt) high pressure pouring machine.

- Launch a high density rigid urethane foam into the health care and contract seating markets to offer an alternative higher performance solution to what was being offered by other rigid foam processors.
- Added a third foam dispensing machine

- Augmented the rigid foam program by perfecting the use of mould in place fiberglass to increase the surface hardness screw holding capability, and ultimate strength of chair component.
- Expanded to 7,000 square feet.

Visco elastic foam offered as a moulded urethane product to the contract seating and health care markets. In a moulded format higher densities were achievable, up to 9.2 pounds per cubic foot density, with superior compression set performance.

- Designed, engineered and began building our own high pressure computer controlled foam dispensing equipment which was unprecedented for a foam manufacturer of our size.
- Moved to new facility totaling 16,000 square feet.

- First fully computer controlled Multirim high pressure pouring machine put into full production.
- Expanded to 25,000 square feet.

- Business restructuring change to provide new focus on product development and engineering. New products added included many new applications for rigid urethane foam and energy absorbing foam. Third and forth Multirim high pressure foam pouring machines added to production.

- Multirim high pressure pouring machine #5 added to production.

- First Multirim semi-automated high volume moulded pad pouring line designed and built in house.
- High pressure pouring machine #6 added.

- New expansion doubled floor space to almost 50,000 square feet to allow for installation of two low pressure foam pouring machines to handle specialty moulding and lower volume parts having very specific urethane foam requirements.

- Designed, built and installed our first two headed foam pouring machine. This allowed us to maximize floor space utilization.

- Launched a new moulded visco product having superior pressure mapping results to serve the bedding products industry with a lower density slow energy release product particularly will suited for luxury pillows.
- Developed tooling and process to mould high density visco foam mattress toppers offering the industry a welcomed alternative to the plethora of low end fabricated foam product.
- Transportation seating products launched to offer higher comfort seating for specialty vehicles.

- Recreational and leisure markets are added to our business groupings with products from our flexible moulded urethane and fiberglass areas.
- Major expansion into bedding products area with an entirely new visco (memory) foam chemistry having an anti bacterial/anti microbial feature.

- New unsinkable boat hull prototype designed and crafted using 100% urethane approach.

- Self-skinning foam production added to our line up of urethane processes.

- New process developed to build world's first water foil operated fast water rescue device that does not require rescue professional to be at risk in water.
- Brand new pink anti-fungal/anti-microbial memory foam launched for health care and general seating applications needing added flame resistance.

- Rigid urethane products now use a greener system with renewable resource chemistry included.
- Self skin urethane application expanded to include a full seat and back for a military application.

- Flexible high resilient foam now also available from a renewable resource blended polyol to further expand our green foams offering.
- Water based mould releases introduced to further reduce Multirim's carbon footprint.
- Designer service now offered through Multirim to assist/facilitate customer efforts to bring projects forward on time and on budget.
- Lower cost mould making procedures implemented for specific self skinning foam applications.

- Flame resistance of visco elastic memory foams has always been a challenge. In August we developed and launched an improved product having superior performance under California Technical Bulletin #117 guidelines. Success with this formulation is protected by a strict non-disclosure agreement with formulator.
- Cal #117 fire standard was also added to our line of self-skinning urethane foams.
- The grand-daddy of all fire standards, Cal #133 can now be achieved, by special order, for all our flexible urethane seating foams. This unique landmark achievement truly shows how innovative Multirim is in meeting the very specific needs of our customers.
- Rigid urethanes continue to make in-roads under our green program by replacing wood and steel, wherever feasible and economical to do so. We have successfully engineered a strong, but lighter in weight, rigid solution that reaches a much wider range of product applications that were not feasible only a year ago.

- In support of E³ level program recycling program expanded to include all flexible foams.
- New visco elastic memory foam introduced addressing the glass transition aspect (cold temperature hardening issue) and making seating comfortable through a wide ambient temperature range.

- Added new products based on high durometer elastomers serving the automotive dunnage market.

- All flexible foams tested and achieved full compliance to Cal 117-2013 fire standard.

- Expanded business to include shipments to offshore markets.
- Improved process to handle water based release agents giving our customers a better surface to glue on fabrics.
- Implemented method to improve adhesion of self-skinning foams to high slip surfaces on inserts made from recycled plastic materials.